Engel Modellbau & Technik is a small and medium-sized company that was founded in 1994 by Andreas Engel. Since then the company has grown steadily and is looking this year (2012) back to 18 years Engel Modellbau & Technik. Since it was founded in 1994, a newly built first section of the building was occupied, enlarged, Engel Modellbau & Technik in 2003, another 300 square meters of floor space with a new main building. In 2009 came to a rented satellite camps. Thus we have currently for sale, development, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and managing more than 600 square meters.

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During 1994, still represented the pure model shop, the main business, Andreas Engel developed its own operating consistently with or in the exclusive distribution products located on. Thus stands Engel Modellbau & Technik today on three pillars. On the one hand as a starting point for model makers from the region with a well-stocked shop, with our online shop as faster, cheaper and more reliable Internet provider of products of well known suppliers such as Graupner, Robbe, Multiplex, etc., and to a large extent as a world-renowned supplier and distributor of high quality flight models and accessories. A worldwide dealer network provides not only your own online store for the dissemination and support of these products.

Once the model shop for a short time "had learned to run," decided to Andreas Engel in 1995 a collaboration with the American model builder to take Byron Originals. Byron had the warbird aerobatic models and jets over a range of quality kits in the program. Back in 1998, but Byron recognized that the market of the future would belong to the ARF models and decided to stop producing. We lost it a reliable business partner.

End of 1998, Engel Modellbau & Technik distributor for the company in the U.S. Major Decals. This company is only the highest quality decals ago and currently offers about 1,200 different designs in the field of military aircraft. Thus, we are currently the largest provider in Germany decal sheet. There is hardly a serious semi-scale model or scale farmers in Germany who is familiar with these decals, or not even used.

1999 we cooperate with an electronics designer and became a European Cup offered Acro pilots. Andreas Engel immediately recognized the opportunity in the market to enter the RC electronics. Today, the Engel RC electronics known worldwide and a market leader in the battery switches. Meanwhile, three electronic design and manufacturing for the implementation and Engel Modellbau & Technik for the sale and support of these products are responsible. All of the development, production and sales are involved and active model airplane show pilots. In conjunction with our related exhibition Flight and competition pilots, we also carry out the tests and flight tests of new products. This approach ensures the development and production of practical, affordable and high quality electronic products "Made in Germany".


In early 2001 took over Engel Modellbau & Technik sales of fly-fan models and placed them full fiberglass models of the highest quality on the market.

During the year 2001, we got more and more requests for carbon-propellers. Of numerous semi-scale competitions Andreas Engel knew of a model aircraft pilot from the Ukraine, which produced interesting even then carbon-propeller. He had the opportunity to enjoy a well-known Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers in the wind tunnel. Together, the Super Silence is designed propeller. Today, this propeller is one with all the advancements of the most successful propellers in Europe. A very high efficiency, low noise and very high quality manufacturing ensures that these propellers for both nitro-and is also suitable for electric drives well.

Now these propellers were missing only the right engine. A first step in this direction in 2003 was the inclusion of the ROTO model engines in the range. Under the name RM-model engines sells Engel Modellbau & Technik since these gasoline engines. High performance combined with good ride quality and good value for money make this successful and popular engines.

In 2005 there was the possibility for cooperation with a small full-fibreglass "goldsmith". The company Modell-Composite here wasl to develop Giles G-300 and Andreas Engel asked for help. In subsequent years it has developed into the MX-S version, and recently a SU-31. After the company Model-Composite production ceased in 2011 took Engel Modellbau & Technik the form of kits and is just about the production with a European manufacturer to resume. Target is a further improvement in quality "Made in Europe".

Also in 2005 the demand for good and inexpensive large-scale models of ARF was increasing. The company CB Hobby House in Thailand, offered as a partner. The models differ mainly over its competitors by a very rugged and roadworthy design and a polystyrene / Balsawoodwingl. Unfortunately CB Hobby House announced early 2009 that a cost-effective production is against the competition from China is no longer possible and therefore the production would be set.

It also had to substitute for these popular models found ARF. Around the same time, the company lost EXTREME FLIGHT RC dealt with here in Europe its distribution partners and Engel Modellbau & Technik to take over. It finally succeeded in cooperation with the company HACKER Motoren. This collaboration has since done very smoothly.

Almost at the same time still a cooperation agreement with the EG-Aircraft Company has been made. Thus, the customer has since 2009 for two excellent ARF provider distributing Engel Modellbau & Technik.

Always on the lookout for new and interesting products since the year 2010, the products of the company Secraft, FrSky and XQ-Power were added to the range. These complement the range with noble aluminum accessories, 2.4 GHz radio technology and quality servos underscores our commitment to our customers a complete range of "single source" to use.

In the future, will continue to develop Engel Modellbau & Technik and always be on the lookout for new and interesting products. Always with the aim to keep you as our customers a high quality and affordable range.

In our model shop model builder will find a wide selection of products related to the modeling of all major European suppliers. Our sales team is available when purchasing with help and advice. Services, such as for example Setting the engines are of course also available.

In the range of its own products, you will find on this website, Engel Modellbau & Technik provides flight models and accessories from our own development, manufacturing and flight models and accessories in the exclusive distributor. We supply and support our customers while also directly or through our dealer network.

Wherever possible, we try to develop new products or improve quality proven products. This helps the company's founder, Andreas Engel not only his experience of more than 46 years of model building and his professional qualification as a foreman and engineering technicians, special addition to regular active participation in national and international model aviation events. Because we are so very close to the customer and get a lot of information to help us as a good "job" to do.

Andreas Engel leads Engel Modellbau & Technik to the motto "consulting, sales, development and production with the knowledge from practice for practice". The expertise of our company comes from the tireless efforts of its owner. Most products from our product line and developed by Mr. Engel were completely or with. Of course, they are used and tested by ourselves. Only what works long term, will be included in our program. Engel Modellbau & Technik is a competent, friendly and reliable customer support.

We try whenever possible to manufacture our products in Germany or other European countries allow. This allows for a trouble-quality control and assurance, and on the other hand, it creates and secures jobs in Germany and Europe, which we desperately need.

At this level of quality will follow in our product lines. The next time some la new models are on the development and production list. For details, see the menu item "Projects".

The Engel Modellbau team introduces itself



Andreas Engel  (Company owner)

Iris Engel

Foreman and Mechanical Technicians

Industrial sales

Modelers since 4 years

Modelers wife for 28 years

Development, consulting, repair services
Accounting, purchasing, sales, shipping

eMail: [email protected]

eMail: [email protected]


Marco Genilke
Office Administrator
Sales, shipping, consulting, service, web-shop
eMail: [email protected]



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