TARANIS X9D-plus EU/LBT FrSky CF+Steele Special-Edition

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This transmitter is more than just an ordinary TARANIS X9D-plus transmitter. With its black anodized attachments, the CF + Steele Edition is unique. The transmitter has a removable antenna, M9 gimbals and special edition switches. Also included is a black anodized transmitter stand, black silicone caps for the switches and black (presumably rubberized) handle recesses.

CF+Steele Edition Features:

  • Black Anodized Hardware
  • Upgraded Switches
  • Silicone Switch Covers
  • M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal
  • Side Grips
  • Black Kickstand
  • Detachable SMA Antenna


  • Up to 16 channels
  • Four ball bearing gimbals
  • Two-module Two-frequency system
  • two selectable modes
  • Super lower latency (approx 1/3 of current systems) and higher presision
  • Receiver Match und RSSI
  • Smart Port
  • With integrated haptic module (vibration module)
  • With improved lateral sliders
  • New dual-color-LCD-display
  • Prepared for 6-position rotary potentiometer (sold separately)


  • big dual-color LCD backlight grey-scale display (212 x 64)
  • USB connection
  • SD Slot
  • Audio speech outputs: values, alarms, setting etc.
  • Open Source Operating System

Two-module Two-frequency system:

One internal module plus one external JR module slot


  • D16 (16ch full duplex telemetry)
  • LR12 (Long Range)

Super lower latency:

Up to 60 percent faster than previous systems with higher precision.

Receiver Match and RSSI

Transmitter recognition memory (no control with the wrong program possible)


  • EVA Bag
  • CF+Steele X9D Plus Edition Configuration
  • 1 x Black Kickstand
  • 2 x Side Grips
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x 2000mah battery
  • 1 x Neck Strap
  • 1 x Manual

Compatible with FrSky Receivers: XSR/LBT, X4R CPPM/LBT, X4R-SB CPPM/LBT, X6R/LBT, X8R/LBT, L9R/LBT, S6R/LBT, or with all FrSky receivers with LBT firmware

This product conforms to the current radio standard ETSI EN 300.328.V1.8.1. Thus, compatibility is not the case with older FrSky receivers! Please perform when required by an update of the receiver to the latest firmware.

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