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We are proud to cooperate with the main manufactory of modell aircraft wing bags in the wourld. The wuality of this bags are great and the best you can buy for your money.

REVOC`s workshop consists of group young and ambitious people whose main goal is to create and produce modern and durable covering accesories mainly for RC branch.

Thanks to the highest quality of the used materials as well as production process, the products have had a growing number of satisfied customers in European market and the rest of the wourld.

REVOC has a very well equipped workshop. If you need is non-typical - just let Engel Modellbau & Technik know.

We are always ready to help and advice our customers to fulfill their needs.

We are sure that we offer the highest quality products. That's why we may introduce unique offer for you.

The bags are from finest and strongest material and can be made in standard colours or in custom design. Custom design means that the bags are looking like the colour design of your model.

Inside the bags are lined with very soft material. So your model parts never will get scrapers.

Outside the bags have carrying strapes, hook-and-loop fasteners and a bag for the wing tube.

If you have questions or do you will order please feel free to contact us from Engel Modellbau & Technik.

If your model type not found on the homepage REVOC, but would still have for your model for quality surface protection bag, no problem! Just fill out the appropriate PDF form and send it to us. We will send you an offer.

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pdf_logo Form for Cub
pdf_logo Form for JET´s
pdf_logo Form for Gliders

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Our prices can be different to the prices on the REVOC Hompage because we have different VAT and we must calculate the shipping from REVOC to us.

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