Redundancy Bus-25

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The RB-25/RB-25S builds on the success of the previous trusted Redundancy Bus Series by adding new advanced features combined with a compact new design which meets the needs of users who want a flight-safe system built in a smaller size unit.

Triple Receiver Redundancy & Dual Power Input RB-25/RB-25S has been designed to offer both dual-power and triple-receiver redundancy. This provides the user triple receiver signal and telemetry redundancy by adding multiplex ports (RX1-3 IN / S.Port). Dual-power provides a safe and efficient way to power the system with your power sources connected via a pair of standard XT30 connections. The dual-power consumption system is designed to operate in balance mode, where it consumes the power line from either power sources depending on which has the higher voltage.

Diversified Sensor Telemetry The RB-25/RB-25S also works as an extensive sensor module with various built-in sensors including diversified telemetry. The RB-25S also includes the high-precision telemetry sensor for monitoring altitude, vertical speed, etc. can be also used as an alternative to using a GR or S series receiver.

Power Switch Function The built-in power switch function draws the support of using multiple types of external switches (e.g. NFC switch, Pin Plug, etc.) that enables flexible options on how the power can be switched on/off without the need to plug/unplug the battery connections.


  • Dual Power Balancing Consumption
  • Triple Receiver Redundant Guarantee
  • RX In | FBUS/SBUS/S.Port Auto Recognization (Note: Only the S.Port on the RX1 channel port can be used to upgrade firmware.)
  • Built-in Power Switch Function | Match with Different External Switches (Optional)
  • Supports External LED Indication
  • Compatible with FBUS/S.Port Products


  • Dimension: 53*40*16mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 25.6g
  • Number of Channel Ports: 18 (PWM/FBUS/S.Port/SBUS Out)
  • 3 RX Input Ports & 1 LED Indicator Port
  • Operating Voltage: 4-10V (Recommend 2S Li batteries)
  • Operating Current: =185mA@5V / Continuous Current: =30A
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C~75°C
  • Power Input Connector: XT30

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