EM Glider ASG 29 7,2 mtr. (fibreglass/carbon) customer scheme

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The original:
The ASG 29 is one of the outstanding constructions of the aircraft manufacturer Alexander Schleicher. It is a typical representative of the 18m FAI class. Due to the shorter for proper connection of this type can also be quickly converted for 15 m racing class. It is also possible to install a drive as a sustainer.

The ASG 29 is the designer of the firm Schleicher, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Greiner been constructed together with our design team. From the outset it was clear that this should be interpreted Glider uncompromising and without regard to a possible self-starting engine variant or an even greater range.

Was ready to fly a curb weight of just 280 kg for the 18 meter version, which reaches a minimum surface load of 33 kg / qm by improved manufacturing techniques and perfect design.

The Model:
The ASG 29 should be the first glider from our company. Since we are known in powered flight range of high quality, our first glider should be equal to a premium product. The chance came to help us as a renowned manufacturer from the Czech Republic who offered us a cooperation. He has many years of experience in model-gliders. Combined with our ideas is a nearly perfect model aircraft in full fiberglass construction emerged.

The HQ profile used combines an impressive sailing performance with an extremely wide range of speeds. The flight characteristics can be described as perfect. The model is very easy to fly. This applies to the thermal flight as well as for the fast aerobatics.

The white fiberglass surface is perfect as the original and the original decorations and labels are already paint in the mold.

The wing is extremely resistant to bending and torsion resistant so that is recognizable even at very high speeds very little surface deformation. And if you want even more stable, we also offer a full carbon variant. The wings are designed 6-piece (winglet, outer and inner wing). The parts are assembled with steel / carbon fiber connectors and screws. The insertions and fittings are installed, of course, from the factory ready.

In addition to the rudder all the control surfaces are designed as Elasto-Flap, is almost self-evident. The canopy is glued to the frame and the frame about a particular hinge, as in the original, designed pivotably. The spring loaded retractable landing gear is completely installed with wheel, wheel fairings, wheel brake and gear doors. The stable tow hook is glued by the factory. An extensive small parts kit with all Push Rod and attachment fittings, gap covers, cockpit scale material and detailed assembly instructions are also included in the kit.

Engel Scale models & Technology "goes Gliders" and offers a striking and imposing flight model "Made in Europe".


- Wingspan: 7200 mm
- Length: 2630 mm
- Engine: retractable power plant possible
- Weight: from 17.5 kg

Kit Contents:

Fiberglass Fuselage, Fiberglass rudder, Fiberglass elevator, Fiberglass/Herex wings, Fiberglass canopy frame with canopy, cockpit shell, cockpit side panels and seat shell made of fiberglass, cockpit accessories incl. imitation leather for seat and side panels, retractable landing gear with wheel, wheel pants and brakes, spoilers, tow hook,

Pilot and RC equipment not included.
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